King Marlow I

Full title = His Excellent Highness, by the Grace of Laima, the Royal Majesty King Marlow I of the Glorious House of Waring, True King of the Kingdom of Wareland, Protector of the Realm, Defender of the Faith, Admiral of the Colovian Ocean, Lord and Master of the Isle of Dominic and the Island of Hess.

Position = King of Wareland

Born = 19th of Ominem 602 (Age 36)

Birthplace = Hartington, Kingdom of Wareland

Reigning since = 12th of Didem 616 (21 years, took power at 14 years old)

Predecessor = King Bradley II (Marlow's father)

Heir = Prince Marlow (Marlow's son, 12 years old)

Spouse = Queen Margery

Religion = Laiman

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